Frquently Asked Questions

Getting your dream home built can be a tedious job with lots of questions. On this page we highlight the 10 most common questions customers ask. If you have a more detailed or unique question please feel free to contact us at directly at or use the form on the contact us page

1. How do I find land?

Contact Construction Solutions, we will help you look for land starting with our “find land” tab. Upon finding land you are interested in one of our in house construction qualified real estate agents will help you with the whole process.

2. Should I talk to Construction Solutions before buying land?

Absolutely! We will be able to help you find land, do feasibility study for site improvements. Then find a home that will work for the property. Your budget being first and foremost, here at Construction Solutions we believe in making sure all costs are included so you are never blindsided with additional costs.

3. Should I find the land or the house plan first?

Land is the first step in the building process. You will need to understand the not only the price of the land, but the costs to develop it (water, power, sewer, driveway…). Knowing these costs will help choose the home that not only works for the land but also your budget.

4. How do I find house plan?

Here at Construction Solutions we will help you find the plan that best suit your needs, property and budget. We have several plans (under the find plans tab) available or can have your plan drawn from scratch.

5. Can I customize a plan?

All of our plans can be modified to suit your needs.

6. How long does it take to build my house?

4-8 months from dirt to door! Time frame depends on land and home being built.

7. Am I obligated to do any of the work? Am I allowed to do any of the work to save money?

All of Construction Solutions homes are turn-key, meaning you do nothing but move into a brand new clean home. However, we will work with you if you would like to do something during construction. Please call for more information.

8. Benefits of building vs. buying?

There are the obvious benefits of building, you get what you want and it’s new!!! Other than that when you are buying a pre existing home you are buying into their equity based on market value. We will build your home based on what it costs, not the market value. In most cases you will move in with equity.

9. Cost per square foot?

Because we build custom homes base on what you want and your budget the cost of sq. ft. changes with the style of home and finishes included. Please call for more information.

10. How do I get construction financing?

Give us a call; we have many lenders for home/land construction packages available. We also can do FHA or VA.